YES! I thought to myself.

I was eating dinner at the Red Garden cafeteria in Penang when I noticed this sign at another vendor’s stall:


Disclaimer: I have eaten frog before. I grew up in rural Missouri where hunting and fishing was a normal part of my childhood. I watched my dad clean his bounty after coming back from hunting turkey, deer, rabbit, and squirrel. He would take me fishing, and to the creek to collect frogs or crawdads.

I actually really enjoy frog. Just as “they” say, it tastes like chicken. It’s white meat with not much taste to it. The frog that was chopped up in my porridge, however, also had a texture kind of like a well broiled flaky fish. The impression I got when I ate it was a mixture of bland fish and bland chicken. It was still delicious. The porridge part was absolutely the most bland thing I’ve ever eaten. Thankfully, they gave me a side of soy sauce that had chopped chilies floating around in it. I had to get a refill halfway through my meal to liven up the mushy rice porridge.





The cafeteria:


Fried ice cream for dessert!


Bon Appetite!